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Fall Bass Tournament

Fall Bass Tournament


The Pro Fish September Bass Tournament will be offered as free tournament to a select group of participants. Participants will help test our platform and report any issues. Prizes will be given out to all participants. Six major prizes will be be issued for top 3 fishermen on two separate teams. Each team will have 10 fishermen.


1. Each participant will receive 100 FISH tokens for testing the platform.

2. First place overall will receive a Shimano Curado K

3. Runner up and 2nd places will receive a Piscifun Phantom

4. 3rd Places will receive a Piscifun Torrent


Part one : Create an account

One click account registration

Register using an email address

Part two : Submit a tournament registration

Register for Tournament


1. Tournament Dates: September 28th – October 10th 2018.

2. Time: Tournament will run from 12:00am September 28th to 11:59pm October 10th in New York Time Zone.

3. Registration will be done on our website [insert link]. Registration must be manually confirmed for you to be able to participate in the beta. Only a limited number of anglers will be accepted. 20 anglers overall will be selected.

4. Boundaries : For this tournaments there will be no boundaries

5. Unique Identifiers : Every tournament member will be issued a unique item from, that item must be in any pictures or videos of the fish. You will also receive a unique identifier at start of the tournament that must be in every picture and video as well. Each angler will also receive a unique code to identify themselves.

6. Scoring: Each angler will be allowed to score 3 bass. Bass can be upgraded throughout the length of the tournament.

7. Measurements : Fish will be scored based on length only. Clear pictures and/or video is vital to ensure the fish is properly scored. The full length of the fish must be visible with the tape precisely at the jaw and tail (no tail pinch) . We recommend 3 pictures and 1 video no longer than 3 seconds. Fish with unclear pictures will be rejected. Please take many photos and submit the best 3.


1. All Participants: Must have a profile on our website here.

2. Registration: In addition to having a profile on our website, participants must apply for registration here.

3. Limited Registration : Registration is limited to 10 members from


1. Scoring: Each angler will be allowed to score 3 bass. The angler with the 3 largest bass will win.

2. Verification : Entries will be verified by hand and it can take up to 48 hours for them to be scored. Photos are subject to tampering verification using forensic tools. As long as the the entry is made during tournament hours, the length of the review will not affect it’s scoring.

3. Leaderboard : Users may view their current rank on the leaderboard (note: posts pending verification will not be shown).


1. Culling : Any fish culling will not be tolerated. Any angler caught doing this will be banned from further Pro Fish tournaments.

2 Photo Editing : There will be zero toleration for photo editing. Any angler caught will be banned from all tournaments.

3. Out of Boundary : Fish caught out of boundary will not be counted and angler will be banned from future tournaments.

4. Sharing Fish : Sharing Fish will not be tolerated. Anglers caught doing so will be banned

5. Breaking Rules : All tournament rules must be followed. Disobeying any tournament rule will result in a minimum of disqualification and maximum of lifetime ban.

6. Appeal : Angler’s may appeal against any of these judgments by email for a further review and analysis.



*Rules are subject to change without notice

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